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    days of fearing men

    It's days like this that I fear men
    I'm sorry, sweetie, try to understand
    it's not personal, just the way it is
    this fear I feel on days like this

    The evening news has another girl made into prey
    kidnapped and tortured to believe she ran away
    CSI has a plot about a dead hooker again
    it's TV-watching nights like these that I fear men

    "Bleed, bitch, bleed!" the Grammy winner sings
    his face on the cover of teen magazines
    who's this? our poet laureate, Eminem
    the soundtrack to days of fearing men

    Instead of the genuine sexual liberation
    promised by woman-pimping media corporations
    rape rates were higher this year than last
    despite more hoes than ever selling their ass

    Increased numbers of women willing to be whores
    hasn't upped wages among the working poor
    privileged women's glass ceilings are firmly in place
    as vertical peepshow windows multiply apace

    The Cuban restaurant and the jazz club I knew
    two more strip clubs on Woman Minstrel Avenue
    where the businesses revolve around selling women, drugs and beer
    whole streets lost to predators is what this woman fears

    The customer is always right even when he's left
    liberals are on board with the ritual sexual theft
    of women's right to choose who, where, why, and when
    progressives paying to rape makes for days I fear men

    Men own all the locks and hold all the keys
    so they make women act like painted monkeys
    men feeding murdered prostitutes to pigs is when
    it’s one of those days that I fear men

    So sweetie, please don't get defensive or tell me to calm down
    I've seen the misogyny gallivanting about town
    it may not be your fault and it may not be fair
    but my days of fearing men aren't going anywhere

    Copyright © by genderberg.com All Right Reserved.

    Published on: 2007-11-06 (1599 reads)

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