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    frog princesses croaking: a cautionary fairy tale

    The frog princesses prepared for their big day
    hopping to and fro, sharing makeup and accessories
    giggling as they looked at their amphibious faces
    reflected in the silver sheen of a giant metal pot

    The frog princesses cleaned, preened, and dreamed
    of the exciting event about to take place
    they felt the reassuring wet of their adopted residence
    but they didn’t feel the warming waves

    A prince would soon be whisking them away
    to a castle straight from tadpole fantasies
    cool slate floors connecting mossy stone walls
    and a moat with enough flies to feast

    The frog princesses dressed for the coming kisses
    by basting strawberry lip gloss on their wide smiles
    if they had known their legs would be savored last
    they might have jump-ercised more frequently

    The frog princesses couldn’t know from their watery home
    that standing on land was a hungry Frenchman
    with a handlebar mustache and a lascivious grin
    mumbling “How hot do you like your bath, little darlings?
    Tell me how hot you like your bath”

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    Published on: 2007-03-15 (1570 reads)

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