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    entertainment for men

    The third stanza is based on the 2004 murder of sado-masochism and
    bondage pornstitute Natal King, known in the prostitution industry as
    Taylor Sumers.

    she was a pretty child just shy of fourteen
    broken home, broken bones, broken dreams
    she could make the boys look yes she could be seen
    in her stepdad's eyes she saw the same glean
    tried to make it her way, tried to save a few bucks
    set off from home, on her own, out of luck
    sleeping in bus stations, hitching rides in trucks
    suffering sex for a bed, trading food for fucks

    she is 13-years-old, her life's a fight
    she is entertainment for men tonight

    living in the suburbs, one child six one child two
    not a glamorous life but she's making do
    married to a man who leaves her black and blue
    before leaving her, for good, for someone new
    tried to make it her way, tried to persevere
    but two mouths at home plus her own made the choice clear
    took the job stripping getting paid to let men leer
    the more they look the more she wants to disappear

    she is a woman, a mother, a housewife
    she is entertainment for men tonight

    steelbelt Pennsylvania, Canadian college girl
    six months in the sado-masochistic porno world
    fast money fast fame, she gave it a whirl
    with gag in mouth and body bound the scene unfurled
    tried to make it her way, tried to find her place
    a summer's vocation turned a murder case
    when they stabbed her neck, stabbed her hands and her face
    was the camera capturing her death's disgrace

    she is a young body snuffed of life
    she is entertainment for men tonight

    Copyright © by genderberg.com All Right Reserved.

    Published on: 2006-04-24 (1708 reads)

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