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    poem for a prostituted sister

    navigating the murky waters between what you say and what you do
    is taxing me as I try to reconcile the disconnect between the two

    “Here thar be monsters” the map of you warns
    sleeping beauty pricked by a dozen rose thorns
    the princes among men your body remembers
    burning your fingers like lingering embers
    scorching your hands as you climb down and away
    from the tall tower where they put you and
    expected you to stay

    “I’m not proud and I’m not ashamed”
    of their lessons in making you tame
    but the tales of desperation
    slipped out in conversation
    reinforced the dislocation
    I feel between what you say and what you do

    repeating a pre-chewed refrain
    adopting false names
    to make their sneering disdain
    some other lucky girl’s to grin and bear

    who am I to hold you up to light and look for cracks?
    everytime we point a finger there are three pointing back
    how can I ask a consistency from you I myself lack?

    because it’s scathing to see my own faults reflected in your eyes
    to witness through another the litany of lies
    I’ve told myself to get another day by
    with fewer heartaches, fewer sighs

    and the murky waters between what we say and what we do
    where our rickety self esteem bobs along floating us through
    dragging its feet behind your boat
    your burnt hands aching with every stroke
    you found me on the coast

    I’ve got a free hand, an extra oar
    and if we row row we’ll reach that arcadian shore
    where fairies dance, sleep and dream
    of a satisfied, dry-eyed you

    Copyright © by genderberg.com All Right Reserved.

    Published on: 2005-04-28 (2017 reads)

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