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    viva la difference

    scorched bra, manhater, feminazi bitch
    always scratching, scratching where there's no itch

    unwomanly, unladylike
    just another strap-one-on-me bulldyke

    women being men, girls becoming boys
    jealous, unshaven, ugly killjoys

    stop this train I want to get off

    wanting equal pay
    demanding equal rights
    love being women, hate having to fight

    don't want to be raped, don't want to be ignored
    don't want to be men but refuse to be whores

    slowly, finally, taking our place
    not trying to androgynize the human race

    stop this train I want to get off

    Martin Luther King, mister civil rights
    never wished for brown skins to turn white

    one little Indian, humble Ghandhi
    never afflicted with British-envy

    feminist women, gender activists
    want the freedoms men have but really
    no, really
    we don't want dicks

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    Published on: 2005-04-28 (1565 reads)

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