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    girl tattoo

    She said “That’s a girl tattoo”
    I said “Tell me something new
    I’m a girl and it’s on me
    so a girl tattoo it must be
    but why that face as you speak to me?
    is my girl tattoo somehow less worthy?”

    She said “You dress like a girl” as if I didn’t know
    I said “Thanks for the compliment” as if she meant it so
    but I know it was a put down, at least it was this time
    and from one girl to another it baffled my mind

    She said “You’re the last I’d thought would wear a dress”
    as if wearing what I did made me less a feminist
    I told her it was comfy, no buttons, zippers or ties
    I leave the stiff collars and neck nooses to guys

    She said “You wear too much makeup” and maybe that’s true
    but why does how I dress my face so interest you?
    She said “It’s not natural, not how you’re meant to be”
    I said “You have green hair so screw your natural theory”
    She said “That’s different, when I dye my hair it's cool
    but you look like a girlie girl and that breaks all cool rules”

    I hear the contempt drip when you say that word to me
    as if girl is something horrible I shouldn’t want to be
    Like it’s a four-letter word, a synonym for shit
    A disgrace, an embarrassment, something to regret

    Well I am a girl, in case you missed that fact
    And when you say girl like girl how should I react
    should I avoid pink like the plague, always wear blue
    wear baseball caps, cut my hair, what should I do?

    You hurl the word girl like a rotten egg at me
    and try to teach me girl is something bad to be
    so don’t make that face when you say girl tattoo
    cause honey, hate to break it to you, you’re a girl too

    Copyright © by genderberg.com All Right Reserved.

    Published on: 2005-04-28 (1807 reads)

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