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    the devil made them do it

    I wrote this after the June 2000 Puerto Rican Day Parade sexual assaults in New York City, where I was living at the time.

    They say it ainít the TV poisoning menís minds
    forcing women to look behind
    say it ainít Limp Bizkit, 50 Cent or Eminem
    someone please tell me whatís going on then
    why rapes are up while other crimes are down
    but itís not our boys, just the Devil come to town
    yep, must be that Satan throwing his weight around

    Cause it ainít porn showing women like to be cut
    spit on, slapped, strangled then fucked
    ainít Hugh Hefner and it ainít Larry Flynt
    to blame for womenís severe mistreatment
    itís natural, itís all over the world
    itís normal for boys to prey on girls

    Cause it ainít Howard Stern, Dr. Laura, radio
    telling boys she means Ďyesí while sheís crying Ďnoí
    ainít Clarence Thomasí fault, ainít Rush Limbaughís
    that the Equal Rights Amendment never became law
    guess there arenít enough people who support equality
    but itís the Devilís fault not ours, the people all agree

    I really donít believe every six minutes
    moms applaud the rapes their sons are committing
    so I guess it ainít parents teaching boys this behavior
    well, they learn somewhere that if you want her, take her
    but it ainít gangsta rappers who have replaced Ďwomaní with
    ho, dyke, cunt, slut, cocksucking bitch

    Of course it ainít your boy or your neighborís boy either
    Why, itís the fault of every woman who lets her husband beat her
    and every woman who dares walk out in the dark
    goes to West Point, Juarez, Woodstock, Central Park

    So if it ainít parents, porn, radio or TV
    youíre gonna have to explain what the source may be
    and youíre gonna have to help me understand why
    everyday four American men kill their wives
    looks like the Devil's getting restless these days
    no, it ainít our boys itís Lucifer at play
    surely only Satan could treat people this way

    Copyright © by genderberg.com All Right Reserved.

    Published on: 2005-04-14 (5508 reads)

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